XTRATUF-Men's Legacy 15" Insulated

XTRATUF-Men's Legacy 15" Insulated

  • $ 154.99

Quality ★★★★★

Warmth ★★★


Our guide and Captain, Jen, is tough as nails and these are her favorite late fall training boots. Also, the commercial fishermen in Bayfield say these are the best, too. They are neoprene impregnated with rubber to make them waterproof and warm. One Friday night in December I was heading home from fish fry and noticed wood smoke coming out of the chimney of one of Bayfield’s 60 year old steel/plywood fish tugs. It is so easy to forget that while we are dealing with sub-zero temps and tons of snow, they are still fishing!!! I am looking forward to a warm bed and some rest before another day of dogsled training. They are looking forward to all of Lake Superior’s fury and going out at night because it was too hideous all day on the Lake and they need to check their nets. If they live in XTRATUF, they are worth a try. Also, did I mention Jen loves them? She was probably out on a night run with a dog team that night, or sitting in a snowbank somewhere with a Hamms.