• $ 21.99

We have sold over 200 pairs of these in the past year due to our Ice Caves craze and everyone has said they are the best slip-on traction cleats on the market.  They are easy to get into, but most importantly, they have small studs rather than chains like the others, so they grip on ice while the others slide.  The Ice Caves in our area are bare ice inside and these worked great in them.  They will work great for parking lots, icy sidewalks, ice fishing, ice caving if you come up here to Bayfield on Lake Superior, or running on ice.  Put your toe in and they easily slip over your heel and stay on well.

Here is what Stabilicer says if you wish to read on:

STABILicers Lite Walkers are made from a proprietary Thermo Plastic Elastomer or TPE that we routinely test to over 300% elasticity. The product should be fitted around the toe area of the footwear in question and grasping just in front of the rear cleat, stretch the product toward the heel and position the heel straps on the heel cup of the shoe or boot above where the outsole meets the upper while positioning the rear cleat near the center of the heel of the footwear. Some users will find an easier time fitting the product when not wearing the shoe or boot onto which STABILicers are to be mounted.