Servus-Men's Swamp 16" Black/Red

Servus-Men's Swamp 16" Black/Red

  • $ 34.99

Quality ★★★

Warmth ★


These are the only inexpensive knee boots that are worth owning. We have tried many mud boots here at Wolfsong Adventure in Mushing, feeding our 50 dogs year round and most of the cheap boots leak and fall apart within a season. It's  the cheap materials they use.  These are a good soft rubber and have a good tread.  They will have extended service and are comfortable enough to wear a lot. The names Servus comes up with are terrible.  How about "Swamper"


These are men's sizes but they are a unisex boot.  Just add 2 to the size (e.g. Men's Size 8 is Women's size 10)