Darn Tough-Men's Mountaineering Extra Cushion

  • $ 27.00

These are Darn Tough's true winter sock.  Proper thickness for winter.  Warm as they get.  Above the calf, seamless. Darn Toughs are great socks and this is no exception.  Lifetime warranty.  Made in USA. Vermont. 77% Merino Wool, 19% Nylon, 4% Lycra® Spandex


Always wear only one pair of socks for warm feet in the winter!  Two pairs of socks robs your feet of a layer of air that circulates between your toes and your ankles that is crucial for warm feet.  In our dogsled touring business, we have been able to keep everyone's feet warm for 18 years in very cold temps.  Good boots, wool felt liners, one pair of good socks like these.