America's Alpaca-Extreme Alpaca Socks

America's Alpaca-Extreme Alpaca Socks

  • $ 29.00

These Alpaca socks are the best winter socks that we have found. They are lighter than sheep's wool with better insulating value. The U.S. alpaca cooperative has teamed up with a domestic knitting factory and the result is a thick, modern sport sock with plenty of elastic and shape/reinforcement in the proper places. All this and they are made in USA of yarn made of the sheared wool from domestic alpacas. We tested these in our usual rigorous way last season in our dog sledding operation and they did better than any other socks that we have tried. Three sizes, Small (Women's 9-11, Men's 7-9), Medium (Women's 11-13, Men's 9-11) and Large (Women's 13-15, Men's 11-13).

Tip for warm feet: Keeping our dog sledding customers' feet warm is a top priority on our Wolfsong Adventures in Mushing trips. We have found what works best is wearing one pair of thick socks, either wool or alpaca, plus a pair of loose fitting boots with removable wool felt liners (real wool felt) Wearing two pairs of socks restricts air flow between your ankles and toes, so toes get colder faster. Also, boots with foam liners or hiking type boots tend to restrict air flow and we believe they are not as warm as felt liners--like the standard pac-boots (like Sorels) or mukluks.