Have a question about sizing, cut, fabric, colors or anything at all? We’d be happy to help you get the right fit and answer any of your questions. We are a small family-run company, so you can expect personal service from the people who design, make and test the garments themselves. And if we have your order in stock, we’ll ship it right out. If not, we can generally get it to you in 3-4 weeks.

Q: Where Are Your Items Made?

A: We make our Wolfsong Wear right here in the U.S.A. in Bayfield, WI.  We work hard to source all of our components in the U.S. as well, right down to the zippers!

Q: I Don’t Know What Size To Order. Can You Tell Me A Little About How Wolfsong Clothing Is Sized?

A: Our garments are unisex sized. Because they are cut long, allowance should be made for women with fuller hips. Do not be surprised if you need to order a size up. They are meant to be roomy and comfortable. Order at least a size larger than the chart for serious winter use. See our sizing chart for more detailed information.

Q: I Live Outside The US. Can I Still Order From Wolfsong Wear?

A: Orders for garments without fur (Vest, Jacket, Nor'easter, hats, etc) are charged approximately actual shipping charges. Some countries are listed in the shipping menu when you order. No orders from Nigeria, please. Orders for Parkas, which have fur, are subject to a $75 handling charge. $55 goes to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for an inspection charge, and $20 is for addtional shipping to the inspection point. These can only be shipped UPS. Actual UPS shipping charges will apply.

Q: I Am Always Cold In The Winter. Are The Clothes Warm??

A: Our customers say that Wolfsong Wear is the warmest clothing they have ever had. Loose fitting layers are the key, as well as a hat that covers the ears and a pair of loosely fitting, wool felt liner, winter boots and only one pair of thick wool or alpaca socks. Air space is the insulator and the more air space you have between your body and the cold, the warmer you will be.

Q: My Feet Are Cold!  What Should I Do?

A: Read our suggestions on how to keep your feet warm.

Q: How Do I Care For My Waxed Canvas Product?

A: The wax helps keep the wind and rain out. Detergent and dry cleaning can remove the wax. The wax also repels stains but if it eventually gets a little dirty, just scrub it with a brush and water and a little liquid hand soap. Washing it alone in the washing machine is not recommended, but has been done with acceptable results using only small amounts of liquid hand soap. It will remove some of the wax and may shrink slightly. A tin of wax is included that can be rubbed on if necessary to seal the leaks. A blow dryer works well to work it in, or just hang it in a warm place. These instructions ship with the Nor'easter and Outer Island Light shells.

Q: I’m A Little Wary Of Buying Something With Real Fur On It, Can You Calm My Fears?

A: Real Fur provides essential protection from biting cold and wind, and there’s nothing like the softness and performance of this natural, renewable resource. All the furs used in our clothing are harvested sustainably by a local farmer in our area. If you have further questions about the fur we use, feel free to call us at 1-800-262-4176.

Q: What Do The Wool Colors Look Like?

A: The Woolrich wool we use for our Parkas, Wool Polar Hats and The Man Hat come in Black, Burgundy and Loden.

Q: What Is Wolfsong Adventures In Mushing All About?

A: Our dogsledding tour operation, Wolfsong Adventures in Mushing, was the birthplace of Wolfsong Wear. Since 1996, we have trained over 1000 people to drive their own dogsled on our one-day adventures. Our 50 Siberian Huskies, including Porterhouse, T-Bone, Elvis, and Cindy Lou Who would love to take you dogsledding for a day. Please visit our dog sledding website for more information. Gift Certificates are available.

Q: What Do You Do When There Isn't Snow On The Ground?

A: Our summers are spent in the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore.  We offer trips daily from the Bayfield City Dock aboard our 4 sailboats: Dreamcatcher: a Pearson 33', Esprit: a Tartan 34', Egret: a Tartan 37' and Dragonfly: a Pearson 385.  Gift certificates for sailing charters are also available.  Please visit our sailing website for more information,