Brand Felt-10 in 6mm 100% Virgin Wool Boot Liners

  • $ 31.00

Colored Wool Liners

  • Extra warmth and all environmentally friendly
  • Usable as slipper with a roll over shaft
  • In 9/32” (7mm) thickness
  • 10” height
  • Available in Royal Blue or Yellow
  • 75% wool minimum

Call or email if you are unsure to get the correct liner for your boots.  The replacement liners will push into the boots with some coaxing. They will feel too tight at first. After wearing a fair amount of time the wool will compress and conform to your foot shape creating a very comfortable fit. If you're unsure you can wear the liners around the house for a few hours to break them in. Wear them for a few days in your boots to get a true fit.

These liners are so comfortable they are often used for slippers. However, the stitching may not hold up for this use. Employment of duct tape--they make it now in many fashionable colors--may help protect the stitching if these need to be worn as slippers. No warranty on slippers, but pictures of the best fancy duct tape adorned liners may earn a gift card!

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